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Dismissing a ticket? Driver Safety Course Austin TX can help!


Is the Austin Driver Safety Course approved for Ticket Dismissal for my court?

Yes it is! The Austin Driver Safety Course is approved by the state of Texas and valid for ticket dismissal in every court within the state.


Added bonus for taking Austin Driver Safety Course!

Did you also know that taking the Austin Driver Safety Course can save you up to 10% on your auto insurance? That’s right. By taking a Driver Safety Course, you could save hundreds on your car insurance for the next 3 years. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to get the specific details pertaining to your policy and the discounts available.


So you’re saying that, just by getting a ticket, that Austin Driver Safety Course might actually help me make money?!?

Could be. With the point system in Texas, keeping a ticket off your record not only keeps your insurance rate lower, it can save you cash at license renewal time as well. Additionally, most insurance providers offer additional discounts to drivers who have taken a driver safety (a.k.a. defensive driving) course, so let’s review. By taking Austin Driver Safety’s course, your…

  • Ticket gets dismissed
  • Driving record receives no added points
  • Insurance rates stay low because of no tickets on your record
  • Insurance may go even lower thanks to “good driver discounts” from taking courses like Austin Driver Safety!


Is there any reason not to Get Started Now? You may even want to send that nice policeman a thank you card!

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    Out of all of the online courses I have taken for this very thing (and I have taken a few) this was the most entertaining!

    Tiffany from Kyle on our online driving course